Hello, I am Jelena

Welcome to my magical world of social media! This is the place where your weirdest business plans will be accomplished!

My work

I provide various marketing services that will adapt to your needs! On my blog and social media channels, you can find useful tips & tricks for managing your business on social media!

My services

I create a unique process for each client to ensure that business objectives are met, success is achieved and users are happy.

Social Media

You don’t know what to do with your Social Media channels? You don’t know what you should post and when? You don’t know how to place your ads? Don’t worry, that ‘s normal and you know why?
Because that is not a part of your job! And yes, you are at the right place! I am here to help you how to represent your business online!

Marketing Strategy Program

You want to build your online presence, but you don’t know from where to start? Don’t feel overwhelmed! I am here to create a completely personalized program for your business that will guide you toward your goals!
Marketing Strategy Program is a 12-week program through which we work together on building your online presence!

Coaching and Business consultations

I am also here to answer any of your questions, to help you to improve your business and to get you back on the right track!

Why Me?

A few years ago I discovered the magical world of social media. Since then, I have been exploring and constantly learning about it. I have worked on many different projects. I have managed pages on social media for different causes and businesses. As a graphic designer, I have made many designs for different posts, campaigns on social media, and logos. I have worked for different markets all around Europe and the U.S. I have been a part of the marketing world since I was a student. My background really helps me to manage all of my campaigns successfully and to research every market carefully. The most important thing is that I do not lack enthusiasm in my work. I love to create beautiful online experiences and innovative solutions.

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