Create a magical Social Media Marketing Strategy that will lead you towards your business goals!

Erase social media struggles with a magic wand and welcome clarity


If you feel like you are spending too much time on social media and not getting any results

you're in the right place

I know how overwhelming the world of social media can be.

It’s constantly expanding, there are new tools, new rules, and new galaxies being discovered.
But before you get overwhelmed thinking that your business is going to get sucked into the black hole….

heres how i can help you
home services social media marketing fairy strategy program

16 weeks to Social Media Wonderland

Growing your business is no longer just a fairytale! My signature program  is designed to cover all the parts of social media marketing that you need to successfully  grow your business!

home services social media marketing fairy strategy consulting

Social Media Marketing 1:1 Fairy Dust Sessions

Get quick fixes or advice for growing your business on social media. I am here to help you right away!

home services social media marketing fairy services

Social Media Magical Management

If your business is lost and it needs a roadmap and a driver to reach desired goals, I can help! I combine my knowledge and creativity to design social media marketing strategy for your business, and to execute it. Contact me today and get your fairy magic touch now!

kind words
Jelena is a true Social Media Fairy. She will create magic on your social media channels. Her skills are up to date, and she is a true professional, while her magical side is exceptional! Without her our brand would not be the same, she created the online soul of a brand in line with our brand strategy and ideas. She is our Social Media Fairy and she became one of the pillars of our brand and business. Besides all the great work she does she is really magical to work with, professional and fun at the same time. She would be an asset to any team, if you are magical enough to work with her.
Sugar Fairy Beauty
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I'm Jelena.

And I’m the Social Media Fairy​! And if you were wondering – yes, fairies are great at marketing!

I came straight from the Magical World to help coaches and small business owners reach their business goals through social media channels!

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re confused and don’t know where and how to start building your business through social media channels.
  • You’re posting content without a strategy and hoping that someone will see it.
  • You have no clue who your target audience is, who should see you, and how to find them.
  • You want a magical guide to give you a strategy that will lead you towards your goals

I know that it can be overwhelming, but trust me, it can be easy too! Let’s start building that amazing business of yours the way it deserves!

more happy clients
We have been working with Jelena for over 5 years now and we can say that her professionalism and knowledge in both paid advertising and copywriting is very high. She worked both independently, and also as a consultant to our social media team. Our company is focused on B2B lead generation and it is a tough market to handle, but she handled it very well and clients were satisfied by her work. She helped us develop and improve our paid advertising efforts. She is insightful, sharp, and always motivated to help and that is reflected in the results of our cooperation.

Movers Development ​

Jelena is an amazing, amazing person and a true expert in everything she does. However, it’s one thing being professional and another one being a human being – open, funny & heartwarming. We started with a project but soon established a great (I can say entrepreneur) relationship because I know I can always count on her and her great work. The recommendation is not enough, I wish I could say: you HAVE TO work with her. Because only then you could realize how great Jelena (the fluffiest unicorn) is!

Ana Gord

Jelena is professional, friendly and she will do her best to understand you and your needs. In 10 days, she created a detailed marketing strategy for my social media channels, with precise instructions. If you are searching for someone who will give you a personalized experience and effective marketing strategy, Jelena is the right person for you!

Leana Tajkov

Jelena helped me to get more clarity on how to set up and run my business FB page. She provided a strategy which contained creative ideas for what to post and taught me how to create ads. We planted some seeds to get more leads and I am hoping to reap the fruits of our work. Jelena is very knowledgeable and professional and we had a very good collaboration

Katrin Durkoop

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Social Media Marketing can be fun and easy!

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  1. Clarify your goals.
  2. Find out your target audience.
  3. Know what to post on your social media channels.

I can help you achieve this! 

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start working towards your goals

Build your business through social media channels today!

Beat the overwhelm and use my magical workbook to start building that amazing business of yours the way it deserves!