Hi, I'm Jelena, your Social Media Sugar Fairy,

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This is the place where your weirdest business goals will be turned into plans and accomplished!

I help regular businesses to become extraordinary!

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Boring stuff:

  • I am in marketing for over ten years.
  • I am in business for over six years.
  • I helped numerous businesses grow and reach their goals.
  • I am completely compelled with creating, I love designing and storytelling.

Things that actually matter:

  • I will always cheer for your business.
  • You can rely on me to find a solution- cause I will.
  • I believe that we can change.
  • Purpose is everything!

Ordinary is new extraordinary, in the world of “special people”, be a regular one!

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I won’t bug you with the long stories, if you want to meet me, schedule a discovery call – it’s free of charge and commitment!

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