Hi, I'm Jelena and I'm the Social Media Sugar Fairy!

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This is the place where your weirdest business goals will be turned into plans and accomplished!

I help extraordinary entrepreneurs just like you to expand their businesses through the social media world!

Seven years ago I discovered this magical world of social media and it became my passion.

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I stepped from traditional to digital marketing. And believe it or not, I was also confused with this ever-changing world. 

Even with my good knowledge of marketing, I had no clue about the tools like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. 

I was constantly learning and trying various tips and tricks, and you know how many of those are out there! 

Through lots of trial and error and testing and changing, I hit the perfect match and created my own Marketing Strategy from particular steps that are bringing results to my clients, and that will bring results to you too!

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I want to show you how to play alongside the algorithm, become friends with your time, chase away distractions, and reach your business goals on social media channels.

All this is possible if you follow up on easy and playful steps from my Marketing Strategy Program that I can create just for you!

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  • how to play alongside the algorithm
  • become friends with your time and chase away distractions
  • reach your business goals on social media channels
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You can grow your business through social media channels, without wasting any more of your precious time! And I can help you! You just have to click on this button, decide that you want to start today, and schedule a commitment-free call with me!

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Build your business through social media channels today!

Beat the overwhelm and use my magical workbook to start building that amazing business of yours the way it deserves!