How to start your business with social media?

Learn how to start your business through social media in few simple steps!

We all know social media as a bad guy. They are the main distractors in our lives and they are consuming our time. And that is true, social media is terrible for your mental health, it’s wrong on so many levels.

But if you are running a business or you are a freelancer, not using social media can cost you a lot, it can cost you your business. You are missing out on a ton of customers (read money) for not being visible to them. 

If your excuse is not having time or money to invest in it, you are in the right place! 

In this article, I will show you how to start your business on social media! Smart and effective! 

Just to make it clear at the beginning, there is no magic formula that will build your business overnight, you still have to make an effort!

Who are you talking with?

The first thing you have to do is to research your target audience. When you know who you are looking for, everything will become much easier. And if you are thinking, but my target audience is everyone – WRONG! – everyone doesn’t exist as a target audience! For every product or service, you will always have people who are more likely to buy it! Those are the people you want to find! 

If you are thinking, what tool to use to do this research, start with Google and a Word or Excel document or even a piece of paper and pen – whatever fits you best!

When you define your target audience, my advice is to create a buyer persona – your perfect buyer. Be as specific as possible. I advise my clients to give that persona a name, gender, relationship status, job, pets, kids, etc. Try to go into details.

Where do you start your communication?

Then you choose a channel. Start small. Choose one channel. But how do you choose it?

There are some main parameters that you have to pay attention to first, and those are:

  1. Your industry – what channel is most suitable for marketing your industry?
  2. Target audience – can you find your target audience on this channel?
  3. Your location- what social media channel is most popular or available on the location on which you want to spread your business?
  4. Content – what content is easiest for you to create and with which platform that type of content resonates the best? For example, if you don’t know how to create a video, you surely won’t choose YouTube.
  5. Are you planning on investing in ads or you are relying on organic reach?

Let’s learn now a bit about the main social media channels.

Facebook is the leading social media platform in the world. It’s made to fit any industry and it’s perfect if your audience is above the age of 30. On the other hand, I am sure that among 2.85 billion monthly active users (as of 31 March 2021) you can surely find your target audience. Facebook is friendly to all formats of content – text, single image, linked content, or video. But short video content is taking advantage when it comes to not organic reach (how many people will see your post without ads) then linked content and at the end single image and text content. 

Facebook is very strict when it comes to marketing, so he is allowing you to use only business pages for marketing your products. If you try to use your personal profile, he will ban it.

Truth is that in most cases you can’t expect much from Facebook organic reach (there are always exceptions).

So if you are not planning on investing in ads and if you don’t know how to run and monitor Facebook ads or you don’t have someone that can show you. I wouldn’t advise you to choose Facebook as your starting point. You can easily lose your time and money.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 774 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide and with over 55 million registered companies (statistics from 2021). LinkedIn is amazing if your clients are businesses and for finding and reaching people from the business and corporate world. It has a good organic reach and I would advise you to include in your strategy both a personal profile and a business page. Of course, investing in ads is always a plus, if you know how to run and monitor them.

LinkedIn is also friendly to all types of content and it appreciates original content over shared one. 

Instagram is very popular among the younger population, below 30. This visual platform counts 1.386 billion active users in 2021. I say visual, cause Instagram is mainly about looks, also it has often updates. So if you choose Instagram as your main platform be ready to constantly learn and explore new options in order to follow up with the competition. Instagram is friendly to single image or video content, of course, the video will bring you more organic reach.

Ads are recommended for this platform, but I always recommend more investing in the influencers on Instagram than in ads.  

These are the main social media networks and I would suggest you start with one of them (if you are not in some part of the world where they are banned). 

Now when you have a target audience and a channel, the next steps are to write your goals. 

Start with weekly or daily goals. 

Why? If you write only big goals till you reach them, you will feel overwhelmed. If you start with daily or weekly goals you will see your progress much earlier and you will be more eager to continue toward big goals.

Drag attention on you!

Make your content useful for your target audience. Make it simple with a clear call to action. Talk about your business and services, give them advice, information and entertain them and then call them to become a part of your community. 

And the last but not the least advice, START RIGHT AWAY! 

If you have any doubts, be free to reach me out, I can help you to level up your social media efforts!

Jelena RasicHow to start your business with social media?
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Why you shouldn’t buy likes on social media?

Believe it or not, but buying likes and followers on social media channels tells a lot about your personality. First of all, that tells us that you are not an honest person. Second, it tells us that you are in desperate need of attention. And, last but not the least it tells us that you are not willing to work or that you are lazy. If we would go deeper, we would find out more. But that’s not today’s topic.

I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.  And if you do, that means that you were buying your social media followers, likes or comments. There is no scenario in which this can be a productive thing for your business, and today we will discover reasons why.

The importance of engagement.

In order to realize why it is wrong to buy engagement, we need to realize what engagement is and why we need it on social media.

What is engagement?

Engagement is any reaction to your content on your social media channels. By reaction I mean, like, comment, share and follow. People engage with your content when they consider it valuable, beautiful, interesting. When they share your goals, vision, opinion. When they can relate to your struggles and wins.

What we can see from this? In order to get engagement, we need to get an emotional reaction from our target audience.

Now, when we said what is engagement, how it can help you to sell?

Through social media, we are finding people who are interested in services and products that we offer. We provide them content that they will react on. They engage with our content and the story of our brand. When they engage, we collect them in our base. And we remarket them. Through our content, we give them value and gain their trust. They get to know us, our goals, our products, our services. Over time, and depending on their needs, we convert them into consumers. Piece of cake. Well, not really. We need a good strategy in order to achieve this, but the point is, we connect with real people. Our target audience.  That we can convert into customers.

What are Fake Profiles?

A fake profile is the representation of a person, organization or company that does not truly exist, on social media. But behind every fake profile, you need to have a real person. Someone who will manage that profile.

What is fake engagement?

Fake engagement comes from a fake profile. It is fake because you pay someone to follow you, like or comment your pots. Those people are not your potential clients and they are not interested in your content. So, you just get numbers.

Do you think that these numbers will give you more value in front of your audience? They won’t and now I will explain to you why.

If you buy just followers, you will lack the engagement. That will look suspicious to anyone who ends up on your profile. On the other hand, a particular network will read your content as uninteresting to your audience. So, you will lose your potential organic reach.

If you want to find out more on how to be visible on Instagram, read here.

Now you maybe think, I will buy likes on posts. That way particular social network will give me more organic reach. Yes, but it will send your content to the people who have similar interests like people who engaged with your posts. And those people have what kind of interests? Oh, you have no idea? Really, how strange…

Also, it’s much better than to buy likes for every post, to invest in ads and reach your target audience, that way real people will hear and get interested in your brand.

To resume.

Social networks don’t like fake profiles and fake engagement. They will consider you as a cheater. If someone of your potential clients realizes that you have fake engagement, they will underestimate your brand and they won’t become your client. Plus you will lose money. So there is no scenario in which fake engagement will help you.

Social media requires time, effort and good strategy. So instead of figuring out an easy way how to get famous over the night, invest that time in making good and quality strategy and content. In researching your target audience and providing them value. And don’t forget to be consistent.

At the end of the day, you don’t need trillion followers, you just need people who you can convert into your clients or customers. Utopia on social media would be if each of your followers would become your buyer. Of course, a perfect world doesn’t exist, but this is something you should always keep in your mind.

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How to be more visible on Instagram?

With more than 700 million active monthly users, Instagram offers plenty of potential followers for businesses of all sizes. And those followers are worth pursuing because they are your real and potential clients.

If you are not actively working to get more Instagram followers, you are missing out on a passionate fan base that wants to connect and learn more.

There is no magic formula for how to get Instagram followers if your goal is to connect with real people who are passionate about your niche. They will engage with your content and develop an ongoing connection and loyalty to your brand.

In this post, I will share ways you can use to increase your organic reach on Instagram today.


First, let’s learn something about Instagram’s mysterious algorithm. In simple words, an algorithm is a robot.  It is an ever-changing program with a purpose to provide you with content that you are interested in, or that it thinks that you are interested in. It is tracking what are you and your followers doing as a business or a personal profile in order to provide everyone the right content. Content that we want to see and which will make us happy 😊 Based on your followers, their likes and comments and yours,  the Instagram algorithm will push your page to the explore feed of other people that are interested in “similar” content.

The rule is simple, you will attract what you put out there. And yes, every single step counts in the mathematical formula of the Instagram algorithm.


By understanding how algorithms work you can utilize certain features of Instagram in order to increase engagement and boost those likes and comments and get new followers. The algorithm is the system that will provide you more followers and engagement. What kind depends on the steps that you take. So, in this article, we will talk about some optimization tactics that you should be using if you are or you want to be an avid Instagrammer.

First of all, use the app the way it is designed to be used.


The most basic optimization is the size of the photos that you post. So, if you are using the Instagram app, and you are reading this text, think for a second. What will be more visible for the user who is scrolling the feed on his phone, a landscape photo or portrait photo?  Well, a portrait photo, of course.

Now you know what the perfect size for your photos is, and you have beautiful shots – what about the content? Beautiful shots are not enough, you have to have valuable content.

What do I mean by valuable content?


First, you have to find out who your audience is and what topics they are interested in.  What questions are they asking?  Once you know this, then you can provide them with valuable, quality content that will engage them and provide them with answers.

Through the engagement of its users (your followers) Instagram will count your posts/content as relevant or irrelevant.


The goal of the platform is to keep users on the platform as long as possible. The more time that a user spends on the platform; the more space Instagram has to advertise to them and earn revenue from their attention. In order to increase the time a user spends on the platform, Instagram is trying to serve its users the best content. Content that is performing the best.  So, if your content is performing well (lots of likes, follows and comments) Instagram considers it important and relevant to its users (your followers). And will promote it, so more people will see your content.

Let’s go back to the first sentence for a second “The algorithm is a robot”. What kind of conclusion can we draw from that?


Well, it has certain parameters by which it is counting the relevance of your content. It won’t come to your page, read all of your posts, and think “Hey this content is interesting, this person knows what he is talking about”.  No, it will count your likes, your comments, and your followers. From that, it will draw a conclusion about the importance and relevance of your content.

In order to get engagement, you also need to engage with people. So check the pages of your followers, like their posts, start a story with them. Engagement is a two-way street.

Now, you have the right photos and quality content, and you are engaging with people, what next?



Timing is a very important thing when it comes to posting on Instagram. If you have a business profile this is very easy.  You can find out from your “insights page” when it is the best time for you to post and when the majority of your audience is on the platform. If you don’t have a business account you can do your own research into this. Make your own schedule and post at a different time every day. Write your engagement for every day and specific time and calculate when you are receiving the most feedback, likes, followers, etc.

Be aware, because the best time for posting on Mondays isn’t necessarily the best time for posting on Thursdays. People have different routines from day to day and those times can be changed easily. So, you have to track it constantly to get the best results.

If you are using Instagram for business, you should definitely choose a business page. You will get access to all of the analytics and you can also run ads through it if you choose to.

The next important factor when it comes to boosting your engagement is a – call to action.


Don’t just make statements, ask people a question, interact with them. It is a very simple step and it works.

Location and hashtags


Every location and every hashtag has its own gallery. People search those galleries and browse them. Every gallery has a “Top” section and a “Recent” section. If you follow all these steps carefully and boost your engagement, your posts will end up in the “Top” galleries. Until then, search your hashtags carefully. Combine the most popular ones with the less popular ones, where you stand a chance to get a spot in the “Top” section.

In order to grow as a platform, Instagram is putting out new features constantly.


Some recent developments include Instagram Stories and Instagram Live. Instagram users are focusing their attention on these new features as they are still a novelty. So, how can you use them in order to increase your engagement?  It is very easy –  tell your story!  Show them what is happening behind the scenes, who are you, what are your struggles and your wins. You can also promote your new posts through Stories and Live. Just please be subtle and don’t beg for likes and comments. It will help you to increase your engagement.

Implement all these small steps, and you will see the results. Try not to use other programs and generic comments, because Instagram really appreciates the organic engagement and gives you a big boost for it. If people who are engaging with you are engaging with everyone with the same comments, Instagram will read those as spam, and then you are going nowhere. Also, comments that are smaller than 4 words will be read as spam!  Instagram doesn’t count them as valid comments.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is making your brand relatable and personable. Don’t try to cheat the algorithm! Work with it and you will go far. If you post high-quality, relevant content, while finding a way to connect with your users, the Instagram algorithm will reward you in the end. And your brand visibility will skyrocket.

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Bring New Light to your regular Stories

There is a significant change that Instagram introduced on the news feed, which possibly you already noticed. Instagram rolled out a major new feature on Tuesday, Dec. 5, and it is definitely altering the way your profile looks. But that is not all, it is also changing the whole meaning and use of Instagram Stories.

The brilliant change I am talking about is Stories Highlights, which appears directly below your bio part, on your page.

JelenaBring New Light to your regular Stories
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How to be a Queen of Instagram in 7 easy steps you never heard before

(by Ana & Jelena)

If you want to become the Lord of Instagram (and by that – an overall Lord of the Universe), that is a twisted goal. And we are not here to help you with that. So, this story isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you are interested in improving your feed, or you want to lay your hands on the perks not many people know, you are welcome. Enjoy this post, because today we are going to share with you something that you have probably never heard before! 😉

1. A custom made location

Statistics have shown that Instagram posts with a location have 50 percent higher engagement. And how cool it is to have one of your own 🙂 For branding, this is excellent. This way your employees and fans have the opportunity to use your location. So more people will see your brand.

In the good old days, it was quite easy to create your own location. But now it is no longer possible to make one through Instagram. You see, Mr. Zuckerberg bought Instagram, and the process is still a piece of cake, just you have to do it through your Facebook app.

Here goes the mini tutorial 😉

  • Click on a Facebook app on your cell phone, go to Check In, and check if you allowed Facebook to see your location (Settings > Privacy > Location Services)
  • Insert the name of the location you are searching for, and then click “add” button
  • Add any preferences you want to your location and then add a category. Try to put your work into a more general framework, so that Facebook allows it. Also, Facebook will not let you add a location if you are not in a very location at that moment.
  • Facebook will then take you back to Status. If you want your location to work on Instagram, you must post at least one thing on Facebook with the new made location (don’t worry, if you don’t want anyone to see that post, you can make it private by clicking “Only me” option).

If it doesn’t pop-ups it means you didn’t use it enough or you are not close to a location. Sometimes it takes up to 24 hours for your location to be visible on Instagram. Just be patient. Another good news – location also can be added to Instagram Stories. 😉instagram trikovi

2. How to pin your Instagram post on Pinterest?

For all Pinterest lovers out there, you will be happy to know that you can pin your Instagram posts directly on Pinterest! If you don’t like Pinterest, you should know that this is a great way to lure more people to your Instagram. Which will increase organic traffic to your posts!

Here goes the mini tutorial 😉

  • You have to copy a post’s link to share it. You will do that by going on your post via computer and simply copy the link. If you want to take a link via Instagram, click (…) in the right corner of a post and select “Copy Link Share URL”.
  • Open Pinterest and go to a + sign to add a pin.
  • Copy link.
  • Select a picture and add text.
  • Voila! Add a pin to a board. Tip: make a new one for Instagram posts only. 🙂

Pro Tip: Pin your Instagram post to particular boards, to increase the number of repins and therefore increase the traffic on your post. You can also add a location to make sure your post is seen in the search. 😉

instagram trikovi

3. Embed Instagram posts to a website or blog

You can pin your posts on Pinterest,  but you can also embed your posts on a web page or a blog. That way you will increase their visibility. This can bring you more followers, likes, and comments. Plus it gives the audience on your website the opportunity to connect with your content.

Here goes the mini tutorial 😉

If you want to add your whole Instagram feed on a blog or a website, there is a special plugin for that (ask your programmer). If your wish is to put a picture right into the text, you just have to copy URL address (like in the previous tutorial).

P.S. This all works only if your Instagram posts are public.

And here is the picture 😉


4. How to pre-design your feed?

There are many applications that can help. We will talk about one, that you can download and use for free. It is called Preview. The alternatives are many (EX. Later, Un Um), but every one of them works pretty much the same.

Mini tutorial 😉

After you download it, pick photos from a gallery. Get them in particular order.

Below, you can see one example of the feed. You should know that all the photos can easily be moved up and down. Also, you can edit or add filters if necessary. This app gives you the opportunity to pre-design a text, too. And, when your post goes on Publish, the text goes with it.

This is just an illustration as you can see. You can also load your current feed, to see how it will all fit. 😉

instagram trikovi

5. Scheduling posts

Instagram has finally allowed third-party involvement when it comes to scheduling. And you can schedule your posts with apps such as Preview or Later.

Mini tutorial 😉

Select a pic on Preview, add text, and schedule post. Simple as that.


6. How to create spacing on Instagram?

Did you notice, the tricks to creating a space in the description, no longer works? Instagram has removed the option which allows you to create spacing. Still, you can add a new line, but… without the extra space. However, there is an alternative.

Mini tutorial 😉

  • Open Notes app or Word Doc on your phone
  • Write a description with extra space between the lines
  • Copy description and just paste it in your caption

7. How to center your Insta biography + create spacing?

If you ever wondered how some people manage to center their bio and make everything look top notch, you are just about to find out. 🙂

How, you wonder? Easy squeezy! And here is the mini tutorial 😉

  • To center your bio as you want it to be, all you have to do is to copy this space between the pointers. Without them, of course.


  • Enter your Instagram profile via computer (you can do it via cell or an app, but the desktop version is way easier). Go to “Edit your Profile”
  • Do the spacing in each row, and voila! If they are not perfect you can always add (or delete one) where needed.

It is important to remember that you have a limit of 160 characters for your bio. So a centered layout may not be the best option for you. If the number of characters matches a center layout, just go for it!

If you want to add a space between the lines, you have to type “Return” in your bio on a desktop version of Instagram. It is not possible to on mobile. Option No. 2 is to write the bio in the Notes app on your phone, and then copy and paste it on Instagram.
IMG_8025We hope you liked our tricks and that you learned something new today. Which will help you to conquer the world of Instagram.

This text is written by Jelena Rasic, social media specialist and Ana Gord, writer and author of Ana Gord blog. If you liked the text, you can follow Jelena’s Instagram HERE, and Ana’s HERE. Also, there’s a Facebook page, so like it to stay tuned. Of course, share and comment on how you liked our tips. 😉

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What is a Facebook Page?


TV, radio, and newspapers are no longer the best advertising options. On the other hand, we are starting to realize the power of social media. Big brands are talking about social media. Great ways of advertising on it, quick and easy targeting, and of course the personalized relationship with their customers through these channels. We talk about marketing on social media. Why television is not what it used to be. Why people don’t buy newspapers anymore and inform themselves through social media. However, we all skip the basics. And that is why I decided to write this text.

JelenaWhat is a Facebook Page?
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