15 post ideas

Instagram post ideas for any business!

In this post, you will find 15 Instagram post ideas for the whole month of content!

Why 15 you may ask…

Because you don’t have to post every day! 

But you have to stay consistent and you have to have quality content.

These topics are fairly broad and can be used for any business and they will help you create quality content.

  • Tell your followers what are you selling. Explain your product or offer. If you have more than one, write one post about each one! Remember, they don’t know how your offer or product looks or feels, how it can help them, what they get with it, and how much it costs. This post is promotional, and it serves to clarify to your followers what your business does.
  • Make it personal. Share something about yourself. Introduce yourself, or just share some interesting facts about yourself. This post is personal, and it serves to create a bond with your followers.
  • How do your products or services make your clients feel? What kind of person do they make them? For example, my 16 weeks to Social Media Wonderland program makes you clarify every step of your business social media journey and makes it easy to reach your goals with social media channels. You want to feel less stressed about social media marketing? Click here. This post is clearly for promotional purposes and to make your followers make a decision and buy your products or services.
  • Behind the scenes. Show your followers how creating your products looks like, or how your day looks. This post is for bonding again. People like to see what is happening in real time and in life. Try to make this post as raw and real as possible.
  • Showcase one of your products or services. Showcasing products is easy, but how to showcase a service, you wonder? Use a carousel or single image and explain to your followers what they get with the services, and what is included. Be clear.
  • What is the question that you get most often from your clients or buyers? Answer that question. If you just started, Google the most frequently asked questions in your business industry and answer one of them. This post is here to engage with your followers and show them that you are trustful.
  • User-Generated Content. Repost content created by your customers, showing real-life experiences with your products or services. If you just started and still don’t have UGC try to show through a video or post how your product feels, or what exactly they get in your program, with your services, etc.
  • Why did you start? Share your personal story and connect with your followers. This content is here to build trust and to show your human side to your followers.
  • Help your followers. Why do clients come to you? With what you help them. Take a first step, a starting point, and try to help your followers to do it by themselves. Make it short, straight to the point, and clear. The best way is to break it into steps.
  • Share positive feedback or testimonials from your satisfied clients or customers. This adds credibility to your business and demonstrates the value you provide. If you still don’t have any clients, offer someone a free service for a testimonial in return. This is a promotional post and it gives credibility to your work.
  • Keep your followers informed about the latest news, trends, or developments in your industry. This positions you as an authority and keeps your audience engaged with relevant information. If there is no important news in your industry, change this post with your services or product posts. The more you talk about them, they will be more visible.
  • Find a quote that resonates with your brand values or aligns with your business philosophy. Share it with your followers along with a brief explanation of why it’s meaningful to you or how it relates to your business. The purpose of this post is to inspire and connect with your followers.
  • Introduce the team that is there to help you out, or if you are a one-man show, make a funny post about you being a CEO, marketer, creator, coffee maker, cleaning lady, etc.

You can always add on posts about your products or services, at the end of the day, you are here to talk about them. How else you will help your followers?

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