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Are you ready to change your perspective?


You want to...

Learn what part of marketing you actually need.
How to establish a relationship with it!
How to fall in love with it and implement it with ease!


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Click on the button below and apply for my interactive workshop that will teach you how to market your business easy and properly!

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  • sick and tired of marketing!
  • are wondering do you have to do it till eternity – yes if you want to run your business –  but you don’t have to hate it.
  • how to create a strategy that will fit for you and be good for your business?
  • and how to sell with your marketing efforts!

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  • you tried everything, all these hacks and tips, and nothing is working!
  • you really don’t believe in marketing anymore!
  • you think that all marketing have to be slimy and salesy!
  • you think that I am bullshiting!

And you are wrong! Join me on Thursday 20th of October at 2 pm CET or Tuesday 25th of October at 6 pm CET, and I will show you that you are wrong! I will show you a different angle of marketing that is not slimy, not salesy, that will give you results, and that is fun! This one hour workshop costs 15$ and you can apply right now, by clicking the button below.

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  • What is marketing? 
  • How do you market your products or services?
  • What is a relationship? If you want to be successful in marketing, you need to be successful in creating a relationships!
  • What are marketing relationships and how do they look?
  • How to emerge all these points in a successful marketing path, not strategy, here we will talk about marketing path of your business!
  • Marketing is not selling! But when we are here, let’s learn how to sell to. Who doesn’t want to end their marketing efforts with sales?

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home services social media marketing fairy strategy program

12-weeks to Social Media Wonderland

You want to grow your business, but you don’t know where or how to start. You are completely lost in this social media game and you don’t understand where to post, what to post, how to create a post. What are even parts of a post, not to mention ads! And then you have Instagram Story and Reels and Feed. What a mess! Don’t worry, my signature program is designed to cover all the parts of the social media marketing that you need to successfully grow your business! Throughout this program, you get my full support and help on 1:1 weekly consulting sessions!

home services social media marketing fairy strategy consulting

Social Media Marketing 1:1 Fairy Dust Sessions

You need just a little help. Your ads are not working properly. Facebook or Instagram blocked some of your features. There is that piece of content that gives you a headache. You are not sure about your strategy or target audience. You are so close, but not there yet. You need just that little fairy touch of a wand. I am here to help you right away and to keep your back! My knowledge in marketing and advertising is deep. It goes from traditional marketing to digital, to focusing on social media channels. If you are struggling with starting or finding the best solutions for your content or ads, I am here to assist you! Before our Fairy Dust session, you will get a short questionnaire, so that I can get to know your business and problem on time!

home services social media marketing fairy services

My Social Media Magic

I combine all my knowledge and services based on your unique business and its needs so that you can reach your goals fast and easy. Contact me today with your business needs and let’s create roadmap to your success!

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My name is Jelena, and I am a Social Media Fairy! I help extraordinary entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and achieve their goals through social media channels!

I also love to spread joy and happiness with my pink fairy dust! If you need a glance of magic, let’s meet each other! I can assure you that working with me will always be fun and easy, while we create results!

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You want me to help you build your dream business and

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