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Why you shouldn’t buy likes on social media?

Believe it or not, but buying likes and followers on social media channels tells a lot about your personality. First of all, that tells us that you are not an honest person. Second, it tells us that you are in desperate need of attention. And, last but not the least it tells us that you are not willing to work or that you are lazy. If we would go deeper, we would find out more. But that’s not today’s topic.

I am sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.  And if you do, that means that you were buying your social media followers, likes or comments. There is no scenario in which this can be a productive thing for your business, and today we will discover reasons why.

The importance of engagement.

In order to realize why it is wrong to buy engagement, we need to realize what engagement is and why we need it on social media.

What is engagement?

Engagement is any reaction to your content on your social media channels. By reaction I mean, like, comment, share and follow. People engage with your content when they consider it valuable, beautiful, interesting. When they share your goals, vision, opinion. When they can relate to your struggles and wins.

What we can see from this? In order to get engagement, we need to get an emotional reaction from our target audience.

Now, when we said what is engagement, how it can help you to sell?

Through social media, we are finding people who are interested in services and products that we offer. We provide them content that they will react on. They engage with our content and the story of our brand. When they engage, we collect them in our base. And we remarket them. Through our content, we give them value and gain their trust. They get to know us, our goals, our products, our services. Over time, and depending on their needs, we convert them into consumers. Piece of cake. Well, not really. We need a good strategy in order to achieve this, but the point is, we connect with real people. Our target audience.  That we can convert into customers.

What are Fake Profiles?

A fake profile is the representation of a person, organization or company that does not truly exist, on social media. But behind every fake profile, you need to have a real person. Someone who will manage that profile.

What is fake engagement?

Fake engagement comes from a fake profile. It is fake because you pay someone to follow you, like or comment your pots. Those people are not your potential clients and they are not interested in your content. So, you just get numbers.

Do you think that these numbers will give you more value in front of your audience? They won’t and now I will explain to you why.

If you buy just followers, you will lack the engagement. That will look suspicious to anyone who ends up on your profile. On the other hand, a particular network will read your content as uninteresting to your audience. So, you will lose your potential organic reach.

If you want to find out more on how to be visible on Instagram, read here.

Now you maybe think, I will buy likes on posts. That way particular social network will give me more organic reach. Yes, but it will send your content to the people who have similar interests like people who engaged with your posts. And those people have what kind of interests? Oh, you have no idea? Really, how strange…

Also, it’s much better than to buy likes for every post, to invest in ads and reach your target audience, that way real people will hear and get interested in your brand.

To resume.

Social networks don’t like fake profiles and fake engagement. They will consider you as a cheater. If someone of your potential clients realizes that you have fake engagement, they will underestimate your brand and they won’t become your client. Plus you will lose money. So there is no scenario in which fake engagement will help you.

Social media requires time, effort and good strategy. So instead of figuring out an easy way how to get famous over the night, invest that time in making good and quality strategy and content. In researching your target audience and providing them value. And don’t forget to be consistent.

At the end of the day, you don’t need trillion followers, you just need people who you can convert into your clients or customers. Utopia on social media would be if each of your followers would become your buyer. Of course, a perfect world doesn’t exist, but this is something you should always keep in your mind.

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